My Approach

 What can you expect from therapy with me?


Heart-to-Heart connection.

I am a client-centered therapist, which means I show up and you show up and the process begins.

Change happens when the trust-based therapeutic process allows such changes.

I will not profess to know more about you than you know about you...

I believe that within you in the person you want to be and my job, as I see it, is to help you remember who you are -- the WHOLE and complete you.

How do we do this?

I use a number of techniques and approaches...

The most common is process via communication:  You talk and I listen.  I am a sounding board for your stream of consciousness.  As you talk and share your stories, and the feelings you have about your stories, and the thoughts you have about your stories, the dialogue becomes deeper and deeper...

In this depth of dialogue healing begins.

It might look like realizations.

It might look like "Aha!" moments.

It might look like new perceptions.  

It might look like revelations.

Another technique that I use is called EMDR.

EMDR stands for "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing"

I use this to help my clients who have experienced trauma.

Trauma can range from mild to severe.  EMDR helps with all degrees of trauma.

What are some examples of trauma?

Mild trauma could be something like being the one picked last when your middle school gym class picked basketball team members.

Medium trauma could be losing a job.

Extreme trauma could be losing a loved one.

What EMDR seems to do is to transform negative beliefs about you into positive beliefs.  It's primarily brainwork, which means your brain  does most of the work.  We just sort of guide it along.

Another technique that I use is hypnotherapy.

This is a wonderful tool to use when we want to tap into the subconscious to find information and material to help make the subconscious more conscious.

It is used for regression work, addictions, negative behavior patterns and that kind of thing.

The subconscious is a huge warehouse of information -- it stores everything you've ever learned and experienced.

It's a wonderful source to help a person become more aware and as we all know awareness is the first step towards positive change.

Another approach that I use is to assign homework.

It may be journaling or watching a video or reading a book or making a list of things you appreciate about yourself.

Really, the best of therapy happens in between sessions when a client is able to put on their lab coat and try new experiments (or different ways of doing things) in their lives.

I absolutely hold my clients accountable for their own growth and healing back to wholeness.

I do not do their work for them and never never work harder at their recovery than they do...

I am an instrument of compassion and wisdom.